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Specialized Advising

We are veterans who have been where you are today. We have learned, often the hard way, how higher education works and how to be a successful student. Our staff have years of experience in education, resources and working with veterans. We urge students to self-advocate and seek out support services to assist in their transition to college regardless of their situation.  Whether remotely or in our office on campus, it is our goal at VUB to stay connected with students and assist them in their pursuit of a college education.

Adult Education Course
Learning Assistance

Learn from our outstanding instructors. Our instructors have worked with veterans for years and can assist in anything from a quick refresher to in-depth skills development. Uncertain about your upcoming placement test? We offer face to face and online preparation for the Accuplacer and other placement tests, specializing in in English and Math. 

Veterans Upward Bound Retreat

2022 marked our second Annual Veterans Upward Bound Retreat. We were able to take a group of veterans white water rafting on the Arkansas River for a one-day retreat. We learned, discussed, and shared with fellow veterans. We will continue to offer yearly retreats that will be geared towards learning about what it takes to be successful in school and in life. 

Rosetta Stone® Language Courses

We are excited to announce that we have just signed a new contract with Rosetta Stone to provide high quality, online language learning in in over 20 languages. This program can be easily used on a home computer, tablet and smart phone. Using unique tools, Rosetta helps learners develop proper accents, grammar and usage quickly and in a proven method. 


Starting the path to education can be difficult and costly. Often, technology is needed to access applications and to really explore school in-depth. Computers can open many doors and allow you access to a variety of opportunities. VUB provides refurbished computers to any VUB participant that needs one.